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Grub Control


GreenOvations Turf Solutions has Grub Control available as an optional add-on. Grubs (beetle larvae) are typically harmless in small numbers, an infestation, on the other hand, can be dangerous to your lawn. A grub application can stop grubs from  before reaching that critical mass. Grub control is an add-on offered for the same price as your Conventional Program application. 

In order for grub control to be effective the solution must be watered in with two inched of water no later than 48 hrs post application. 

Mole Repellant


GreenOvations Mole repellant program uses 100% Natural !00% Safe pelletized castor oil to rid your lawn of turf damaging moles. 3 to 4 applications expertly timed for optimal performance.  GreenOvations offers our No-Kill Mole service for a fraction of the cost of a typical Mole Exterminator.

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