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Turf Aeration With Optional Overseeding

Aeration allows nutrients, water, and oxygen to penetrate deep into the soil, while seeding is a must for fescue grasses, which don’t regenerate and must be reseeded to establish new growth. Together, these are crucial to your lawn’s health.
With double-core aeration and a 100% weed-free seed blend, GreenOvations offers one of the area’s top aeration and seeding service. This critical service, along with our comprehensive lawn care programs, are designed to keep your lawn healthy and green, all year long. 
Once  completed we can broadcast quality seed over the aerated tuff. Introducing new seed blends to your turf creates a more resilient, disease tolerant canopy.

Power Seeding / Slit Seeding

Power seeding is where a machine slices the first 1/4 to 1/2 inch of the soil and lays grass seed in those slits. This is very effective in establishing turf where previous aeration and seeding has had little to no results. Germination rates on power seeding are about 95% as opposed to aeration and seeding which will provide 50% to 60% germination.  Powerseeding only works with a diligent watering plan. Our greenOvations technician will help you set up your hose and lend you a timer to make the job easier.

Turf Aeration and Seeding: Features

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